About SoulCare Retreats

SoulCare Retreats are designed to serve and care for leaders who serve and care for the world. We host two free retreats each year, intentionally designed to offer rest, reminders of belovedness and community to weary world-changers. Each retreat serves 8 non-profit leading women each referred by another leader who has come before them.

The 8 attendees for each retreat are women who lead (and usually have founded) non-profits that work to fight injustices around the world like human trafficking, global poverty and domestic issues. They come weary from doing hard and holy work around the world and in desperate need of a rest. Our goal is to remind them that yes, the people they serve are absolutely worth it, but so are these precious leaders!

Every aspect of the retreat is planned intentionally....from the fact that the women don't know each other before coming (so they don't work the entire time or feel the need to take care of one another), to the SoulCare Mamas (who allow these women to relax and be taken care of and nurtured) to the pampering (designed to help them rest), the location (to remind them that they are loved and worth loving extravagantly), the gifts (to remind them that many across the world see them and are thankful for them) and even the dinner time conversation (to gently remind them of sweet truths and to practice these truths together in a community of other leaders who "get it").


SoulCare Retreats is a DBA of Beauty for Ashes Worldwide, Inc. 



Fighting Global Poverty