Abby Mortenson and Tanya Kay provide not only new headshots for each of the women, but a sacred meeting of hearts. They take one woman away at a time and let her shine as her beautiful self while she gushes over the beautiful parts of her work and tears up over the hard parts. Tanya and Abby beautifully capture it all.

*most of the photos on this site were taken by one of these two amazing ladies. Both with hearts for justice themselves!

The Mamas

We have a mama team who come specifically to cook the food, gather the gifts and "mama" all of the women. 

What we didn't expect when we started was how crucial of an emotional role that our SoulCare Mamas would take in loving the leaders. To be held by a mama allows these weary mamas of many to finally rest and let go. 

Erin Poovey of Camino Massage Therapy joins our retreats as a special treat. She brings her table and offers each leader an hour of rest and true relaxation. With Erin, though, it's more than just a massage. Her touch and her spirit are healing in and of themselves and all of the women mention their hour with Erin being one of their favorites.

The Pampering

Our Team